Conflict with Softmaker Freeoffice

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Conflict with Softmaker Freeoffice

Beitrag von MichaelSmith » 16.06.2018 08:04:38


I was looking for a free alternative to MS Office and online reviews said to try Softmaker Freeoffice. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it changed all my old word docs to its format. I realized a lot of things I needed for a word doc was not free and you had to pay to get extra (ie fonts). I did try OpenOffice a few years ago and was happy with it then so I uninstalled Freeoffice and downloaded OpenOffice thinking it would change all my old word and freeoffice files to Openoffice but it hasnt. I couldnt open any Freeoffice word files. I had to download Freeoffice again so I could see the files. I could then open them through Openoffice but couldnt not save them as Openoffice as the in extension .sxw was not in the Save As, as an option. I could only choose .doc or .dot or the freeoffice ext. Any help would be good otherwise I am stuck with Freeoffice.

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SoftMaker Team
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Re: Conflict with Softmaker Freeoffice

Beitrag von sven-l » 18.06.2018 10:33:29

The file format sxw is an outdated LibreOffice Writer file format. Today you would rather use odt or docx (if you want to be able to use your files also with other programs like TextMaker or MS Word).

However, You can open any doc or docx file with TextMaker or LibreOffice Writer via the File=>Open menu.
Sven Leßmann
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